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Demand Draft
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Demand Draft :

A demand draft is a written order, signed by two authorized officers made by the drawer (issuing bank) to a drawee bank to pay a specified sum of money to a Payee upon presentation of the instrument.


  • Available in most currencies of the world with unlimited amounts.
  • Originated by account or non-account holders.
  • The buyer is provided with an advice of purchase together with a demand draft cheque.
  • Commission charges are to be levied.
  • Transfer facilities are available worldwide.
  • Demand Draft is being refunded in case of loss after receiving a stop payment notice from the correspondent bank, or can be refunded on presentation of original draft on request.
  • Commission charges are to be collected on stop payment or cancellation.
  • Valid for three months.

Advantages :

  • Demand drafts are easy to cash from the banks.
  • They are considered security instruments.
  • There are payment arrangements in most countries.
  • They are easy to carry, contrary to the cash notes.
  Telex Transfer :
It is a method of transferring money to banks in foreign countries or locally to a specific beneficiary by telex instructions. Features and advantages of this method of transferring funds are mostly the same as in demand drafts but telex transfer is an electronically fast service.

    Fax Transfer :  
    It is a quick payment of fund on account of replica of document transferred through fax machine ordering the correspondent bank to execute payment to a specified party or individual according to the exact instructions contained therein.

    Door To Door Service :  
    It is fast, secure and simple delivery of cash remittance electronically from the place of origin, right at the beneficiary’s doorstep.

    DHL Courier Service :  
    DHL is the global market leader in international express, overland transport and airfreight. We accept parcels containing demand drafts, letters, documents for delivery.

    Western Union Service :  
When you need to send money and you‘ve got to do it fast, turn to the convenience of the Western Union Money Transfer Service. No matter which money transfer service you choose, you’ll find them all reliable and easy-providing both you and the receiver with peace of mind.

The transfer of funds online to all over the world in minutes through 245000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

    Bank to Bank Service :  
    It is the movement of money directly credited to your bank account, by electronic means.

    Foreign Currencies Sale and Purchase Service :  
KBE accepts the sale and purchase of major world currencies, including Gulf currencies against the Kuwaiti Dinar.

    Other Express Courier Service :  
Express mail is an expedite type of courier service delivering non-freight shipments to destinations faster than the regular service provided by public postal couriers.